Financial Translation

Covering most of Asian and European languages, we specialize in translation

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Marketing Translat…

A marketing message should be sharp, and communicate a clear message, whereas a marketing

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Medical Translation

Medical translation is a highly specialized discipline and should only be carried out by suitably.

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Patent translation

Jingdiantrans Translation provides precise, accurate translations of patent documents

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    Technical Translation

    Technical translation aims at specialized translation including documents……

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    Software Localization

    Jingdiantrans Translation supports our clients to increase revenues by making……

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    Website Localization

    Website localization involves translation and localization of content, images……

Why Us

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Why Clients Choose Us

Quality is our first priority. Every project undergoes a thorough review at each step in the process. We offer our clients…

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Since localization projects are always massive and often have short turn-around periods, a sophisticated and consistent quality management…

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Translation memory and terminology management tools ensure efficiency and make cost saving from repeated content. It also ensures that…

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Our Languages

Our goal is to build strategic partnerships with clients and become a one-stop provider for the target languages they require.

About Us

Beijing Jingdiantrans Translations Co., Ltd. is a fast-growing translation and localization service provider headquartered in Beijing, P.R. China. We specialize in business and technical documentation translation, localization for website and software…

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Address: F101 Tongdian Mingju Tongzhou District Beijing China

Tel: +86-010-80574841

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