新闻英语翻译1,加州加 紧打击人口贩卖活动


A recent U.S. State Department report says 27 million people worldwide are subject to forced labor and sexual slavery. A major effort is under way in California to fight the problem.

人口贩 卖是当今国际社会的一个严重问题。美国国务院报告显示,全球有 两千七百万人口由于人口贩卖而成了强制劳工或性奴隶。美国加 利福尼亚州与墨西哥交界,深受人 口贩卖活动的影响。加州最 近采取新的行动打击人口贩卖活动。


Virginia Isaias was forced to marry at 15 in her native Mexico, and later kidnapped with her six-year-old daughter and forced into prostitution. Her story is told in a documentary now being produced, called Sands of Silence.

维吉尼亚•伊萨亚斯15岁时在 家乡墨西哥被迫结婚。之后不久,她 和她6岁的女儿被绑架,被迫进 入了色情服务行业。纪录片“沉默的沙漠”讲述了她的故事。


Isaias herself is now an anti-trafficking activist who talks about the cost of human trafficking to groups such as this one, in Santa Ana, California.

伊萨亚 斯现在积极参与反人口贩卖活动。她向一 些组织介绍人口贩卖的代价。


"They take your baby and give it to another woman and they give another woman's baby to you. So a mother is less likely to flee. They also threaten you and have people watching over you," said Isaias.

她在加 州圣安娜的演讲中说:“他们抢走你的孩子,把孩子 交给另外一个母亲,然后给 你一个别人的孩子。这样一来,母亲们 就不太可能逃跑了。他们同 时也威胁你并且找人盯着你。”


IsaIas escaped and paid a ransom for her child. Her story is all too common, says filmmaker Chelo Alvarez-Stehle.

伊萨亚斯最终逃走了,并且为 她的孩子交了赎金。电影制作人切罗•阿尔瓦-斯蒂荷说,像她这 样的故事还有很多。


"Because of globalization, or migration, that pushes people to move from one country to another and they become vulnerable to traffickers," said Alvarez-Stehle.

她说:“全球化 和移民使人们从一个国家迁移到另外一个国家。这些移 民很容易成为人贩子的目标。”


Alvarez-Stehle has also created an online game to educate young people on the problem.

阿尔瓦-斯蒂荷 还制作了一个在线游戏,帮助年 轻人增进对人口贩卖问题的了解。


United Nations figures show that victims of trafficking are mostly young, and 80 percent are subject to sexual exploitation. Twenty percent are subject to forced labor, and one in five victims is a child.

联合国的数据显示,人口贩 卖的受害者大多是年轻人,其中有80%被迫从事色情服务,20%成为了强制劳工。在每5个被贩 卖的人口中就有一个是儿童。


Officials in Los Angeles recently announced an educational program to alert drivers and bus riders to the problem of sexual trafficking of young people. L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca says they are victims, not criminals.

洛杉矶 的官员们最近宣布推行一个教育项目,提醒司 机和巴士乘客注意年轻人被贩卖进入色情行业的问题。洛杉矶县警长李•贝卡说,这些年青人是受害者,不是罪犯。


"There are hundreds and hundreds and perhaps thousands of young women, young girls under the age of 18, who are engaged in prostitution for pay, and the man that's handling this prostitution of bondage is someone that we're really going after, the pimps," said Baca.

他说:“收费色 情行业中有数百,也可能 有数千名年轻女子,甚至18岁以下的女孩们。那些控 制这个行业的皮条客们才是我们真正要对付的人。”


A measure on the November election ballot in California would increase penalties for traffickers, provide help for trafficking victims and require convicted sex offenders to disclose their Internet identities. Chris Kelly, the man behind the drive, is a former executive with the Internet site, Facebook.

在加州11月选举中,选民将 就一项打击贩卖人口的法案进行投票。法案要 求对人贩子严加惩处,对受害 者提供帮助并且要求罪犯们公开他们的网络身份。这项活 动的推动人是前Facebook网站执行官克里斯•凯利。


"We want to make sure that the worst of the worst, the convicted sex offenders, that Facebook and other online sites - Craigslist and Backpage and whoever else - have the means to track them and basically say, 'You're not going to be able to ply your trade in this online environment,'" said Kelly.

他说:“我们想确保Facebook和其他网站,比如Craigslist和Backpage,能够追 踪那些性犯罪者。我们就是要告诉他们,你们以 后不能在网络上进行这些行当了。” 凯利说。


Virginia Isaias says trafficking survivors must reclaim their dignity.

维吉尼亚•伊萨亚斯说,人口贩 卖的受害者必须重新获得他们的尊严:


"It doesn't matter what happened or what you are living through, what matters are your values and your strength. No one can take that away from you because you were born free," said Isaias.

“过去发 生的和现在你所经历的事并不重要,真正重 要的是你的价值观和你的力量。没有人 能够从你身上把这些夺走,因为每 个人生来都是自由的。”


Isaias wants others to know there is hope for trafficking victims.

伊萨亚 斯希望让更多的人知道,人口贩 卖的受害者是有希望的。


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